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Hi. I'm Pluja. I think privacy is a basic human right, so I build, teach and fight in favor of privacy.

I enjoy building open source projects so everyone can ejoy them

I have a strange passion for selfhosting everything I can :)

I maintain several projects:

I also selfhost some services. You can use them freely:


Monero (XMR): 83jPWJxWhuUXeogDUPmKSJgm2KFfrtnRpHvEETX5X1kMPeothgpSyWpBH8UhNP9JNg1PTWHBmSS2EjYKsToUdvhABhVWWow


Nostr: npub1jh4qu2g5e49syrwh293q8q90xeklvdx47pnj5vyca2tkljed08us0ctj6k

XMPP (OMEMO): kycnot@conversations.im